We All Need a Little Sunshine

  • Mar 20, 2020

I don't know about you all, but I am more than ready for some everyday, beautiful sunshine and healthier times!  It's a physical fact that sunshine makes us both happier and healthier.  And both are definitely something we could all use this year!  Happier happens with the increase in serotonin that occurs when our body recognizes sunlight through the optic nerve.  Healthier happens when natural sunlight hits the skin, then triggers the body's production of vitamin D.  With all this good health and happiness going on, let's take a look at some popular fun-in-the-sun swag. 


One of my favorite sunny day promo items is the Fun Sun Cycle Bottle. This bottle literally changes color when moved into direct sunlight!  I know kids will have fun with this bottle.  But I believe adults will be enamored with it's fun feature, too.  I am a little obsessed with the color change.  It's always been a curious aspect of these bottles (and other cool stuff) that I haven't tired of at all!   Aside from being a fun choice, this is still an extremely functional promotion -  keeping folks hydrated during upcoming outdoor festivals, camps, and events (those will all be back, I promise!)



Another sunshine staple:  sunglasses.  We all need to protect those baby blues (or brown or green or...).  But we want and need to look good at the same time! There are so many great retail-inspired styles available this year, that it's hard to choose just one. Hmmm, maybe that's an idea for a future blog. . ."The Many Sunglasses of Summer".  We'll have to wait and see!  Meanwhile, check out this cool style. The Outrider Harbor.  What do you think?

The mirrored frame is a cool look in itself, and seems to be a pretty big deal again this year.   This sunglasses style is also a trendier option.   So, I guess the two together make it a pretty attractive giveaway.  Standard branding options are a 1-color imprint on one of the arms of the glasses.  If you want to say something on the second side, too, that is something we can do, also.  If this style doesn't float your boat, or if you don't want mirrored frame, or you're looking for some bold colors then take a look at any of these sunglasses styles.  Truly, there's something for everyone.  
And I guess we can't really talk about sunshine and being outside without thinking about sunscreen.   It's so important to our health and happiness, too, if you think about it.   It keeps us from getting sunburns, which are potentially very bad in the long term and pretty painful in the short term.  Sunscreen as swag is not only a responsible way to go with your promotions, but also a reminder to those receiving it that you care about them and their well being.  And because there are so many packaging and price options available, you can go with an one-time individually packaged sunscreen packet or opt for a spray or a container with carabiner clip so that sunscreen is easily portable with backpacks, beach bags,  and purses.


These individual packets are an affordable giveaway when you have multiple events over the course of the summer, yet you want to be sure everyone is covered.  At close to $.50 a packet, these boast your brand with a full color imprint on one side and provide a generous amount of SPF30 sunscreen.  Something new we have this year, and I really think this is an amazing concept:   Custom Sunburn Alert UV Color-Changing Sticker. This little guy will stick to your arm or leg, your back or shoulder, anywhere on your body - dry or wet.  Then, apply your sunscreen.  As time goes by and it's time to re-apply that sunscreen, the color on this dot will begin to change from white to blue. . .alerting you to get more sunscreen before a burn begins.  And of course the dot is printed with your logo, so once again recipients will relate this helpful tool with the caring nature of your business or organization.  

If this item is something you're interested in, but you want to give it a go before making a purchase, give us a quick shout.   We do have a few samples of these in our offices and are happy to send you with a couple and try them out for yourself.  
Since we're just beginning to dip our toes in Spring and Summertime adventures, I'm sure you'll see more sun-related information in the near future.  But hopefully these great items have you ready to plan and order your warm weather promos.   As always, contact us for pricing, samples, questions...anything you need.  We always love hearing from you! 



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