Promo Items Most Effective for Small Business

  • May 8, 2021


Branded apparel is a good choice for small business.   It's versatile in both style and price and can work for any type of business.  Whether for uniforms, events, or giveaways, apparel is a walking billboard that gives your brand great exposure.  T-shirts, jackets, button downs, and hats can all be customized to fit your company

You may have one goal for your branded apparel, or maybe multiple goals in mind.  Logoed shirts for your staff will make them instantly and easily recognizable and also give your brand a consistent look.  Keep your apparel choice and branding choice inline with the feel of your business.  And how you want your customers to feel about you when they’re wearing it. 



Health and Wellness

Make it easy for your customers to stay healthy and well while social distancing and beyond.   Hand sanitizer is definitely top of mind right now.  But it has been and always will be a good giveaway choice.  Something to help keep your community healthy leave customers feeling thankful. Other items to consider include sunscreen, lip balm, and fitness items.  





We all have our favorite bottle or cup or travel mug, right?,  Make your branded drinkware a favorite, getting used over and over again - providing your brand hundreds of impressions and great exposure over it’s lifetime. Insulated tumblers and bottles make wonderful thank you gifts or incentives.  Stadium cups and coffee mugs are great giveaways for marketing purposes or event swag. 


The choices here are nearly endless!  But choosing a great pen isn’t as hard as it may seem.  Narrow down your preferences. Do you want to project fun and whimsy or is traditional and conservative more your style?    Do you want a stylus?  What about a grip?  Do you prefer a ballpoint or gel ink?  What color do you want and do you need blue or black ink? When you’re buying pens to give to current and future customers, isn’t your goal to choose a style that will become their favorite?  A favorite pen should not be underestimated!  


Note Pads

From sticky notes to scratch pads, journals to padfolios. . .note pads of all kinds are a great staple for small business.   These can give your customers the perfect place to make their daily reminders,  grocery lists, or work notes.  And each time they jot down these notes and reminders, they also have brand recall when they see your custom logo and imprint.

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