Promo Items for a Healthy 2021

  • Jan 8, 2021

Complete health.  It's what we all want. It's what we work toward with exercise and eating right. It's what we work for with "me-time" and meditation. Let your promotions make some of the work a little easier and more enjoyable with some of this year's "get healthy, stay healthy" swag.



The Stretch Band

No gym needed here! Build strength and muscle with the lightweight and portable Stretch Band. This durable resistance band is a great solution for fitness at home or for fitness on the go.  The soft, smooth movement is easy on the joints and targets muscle groups with controllable, constant tension. A perfect addition to healthy living and wellness promotions.



Reflective Slap Bracelet

Incredibly versatile, the reflective slap bracelet can be a great giveaway for any demographic and for a variety of events.  Kids will have fun just putting it on and taking it off!  But it's reflective safety feature is a bonus that parents, teachers, and family will appreciate.

The reflective slap bracelet is also a great idea for races, walks, and outdoor events.  It's fun to see everyone wearing their bracelet at the same time.  It's also nice to know you'll see it worn plenty  even after the event is over because it's an easy safety aid during those early morning runs and late evening walks.



Indoor Garden

Healthy from the inside out! This cute Wall Sprouts Indoor Garden Blossom Kit lets you have the benefit of your own garden without having to go outside.  In this kit, you'll choose three seed packets which will come with the necessary peat pellets, imprinted planter and mini pruning shears. Whether you choose flowers or herbs, everyone will be excited to receive such a unique promo item.  And each time they admire the blooms or clip the herbs, they'll think of your brand.

Place the mini garden on the side of your fridge with the attached magnets, or on a window with the suction cups.  Both are included.  How exciting to be able to give the gift of something as trendy AND healthy!  Seed options include Basil, Clover, Coleus, Forget-Me-Not, Marigold, Money Plant, Oregano, Patriotic Mix, Poppy, Sunflower, Tomato, or Thyme.



Yoga Mat

The yoga mat provides a soft base and colorful inspiration while working both the body and mind.  A good yoga mat helps cushion pressure points and provides grip and stability, not to mention keeping you off a hard or dirty floor. Paired with an imprintable mesh carry bag, this yoga mat displays your brand which will be kindly thought of each time it's used.  Namaste.  



Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light.  It's just about everywhere!  Our eyes cannot block it naturally, and too much of it is a bad thing.  It reduces our melatonin, keeping us from sleep. It causes eye strain and increases our risk of eye disease.

It seems obvious that blue light blocking glasses are a timely promotion, now more than ever. We're all using our computers, phones and digital devices so frequently during this pandemic, for both work and fun. That's a lot of screen time. 

The blue light blocking glasses do just what the name says. . .help block the blue light and protect your eyes.  With a variety of frames, these glasses offer some great style options that anyone would be happy to wear. 




Citrus Juicer

It's been said that juicing can provide a handful of healthy benefits, like boosting your immune system, reducing your risk of getting cancer, remove toxins from your body, and help you lose weight. Juicing can be easy with this compact and easy-to-use promo juicer. The juicer comes equipped with everything needed to juice, measure and store your fruity liquid. This unique giveaway will be a healthy delight to all who receive! 


Goals and resolutions for good health are now probably more meaningful than we can remember.  After the year that was 2020, maintaining our physical, mental and emotional health is very important.  To be a part of those goals by giving customers or staff the perfect promotional product could be seen as an especially generous and thoughtful gesture. 


Stay healthy and well!