Don't Leave Out the Swag Bag

  • Oct 30, 2020


Oh the swag.  Who doesn't love the swag?!  It's the Stuff We All Get (thank you Michael Scott)!

I don't think there's really anyone who doesn't like getting something free, especially when that something will be used or worn over and over again and represents one of their favorite brands or events.


Just because you're going virtual this year, don't leave out the swag bag!  Swag is what everyone is excited about.  It also reminds them of your event, long after it's over.  Still not sure?  Then take a look at a few good reasons why swag should remain a part of your event.


Swag Bags Drive Signups. Great merch can be used to incentivize registrations. It's not unheard of for a unique gift with high perceived value to help people make a decision (or faster decision) whether to sign up.

More Exposure For Your Brand / Event.  A virtual event may actually allow you to welcome more people who may not usually be able to attend, for financial or time reasons. And now they finally have a chance to receive your awesome swag, too! 


A Little Fun in Everything. Any conference attendee will remember a fun or unique item they received. This could be a very real branding opportunity that you don't want to miss.


Still Budget-Friendly. Yes, with virtual events you'll be paying to ship your swag. But, hopefully the removal of costs associated with your typical in-person event will offset that small price to ship the good stuff!


















Security Webcam Cover

Now that we're on our computers more than ever (who'd have thought that was possible!), be sure you and your clients and staff stay safe from dangerous or embarrassing interactions. The webcam cover is easy to install and even easier to use.  Stick it on your computer, covering the camera.  Then just slide back and forth to cover or uncover the camera. An incredibly affordable and practical giveaway.  Also very easy to distribute through mail or other shipping methods.




Flash Drives

I know what you're thinking. . . "are these still relevant?" The answer is absolutely!

Flash drives

  1.  allow for storage of large amounts of information,
  2.  can be used without worry of internet issues,
  3.  can provide a faster read or transfer of information than relying on internet connections, and
  4.  provide additional security.

Flash drives can be customized to fit your brand and your message, with a variety of colors, styles and memory sizes to choose from. 




Slim Can Insulator Holder

 From canned coffees to energy drinks to spirits, these new slim can insulators are a popular giveaway! The sky is the limit with these insulators.  First, you have material choices, such as neoprene, or foam cell, or stainless steel with vacuum and copper lined insulation.  Secondly are imprint options, like full color, one-color, laser engraving and personalization.  The slim can insulator is a hot new trend in beverage holders, and there's one to fit every brand's style and budget.



Phone Pocket Journal w/ RFID card slot

Journals are always useful, practical, and appreciated swag.  And this journal takes it up a notch. It's all about keeping things secure and accessible. Tuck your phone into the universal phone holder, a perfect way to keep everything together.  Protect your credit card and all of it's information in the RFID protected card slot. And last, but certainly not least, use the elastic pen loop to hold the color-matching pen.




Calendar Planner

Let's show some good 'ole optimism and look forward to all the wonderful plans we'll make (and hopefully get to keep!) in 2021. Let's fill the pages of these wonderfully traditional planners! Choose your preferred planning style:  weekly, monthly, or academic.  This useful promo item is flat and lightweight - great for mail-outs or shipping.




Crewneck Sweatshirt

The crewneck sweatshirt is a hot style in the retail world right now.  Why not make your brand a favorite thing to wear?  This is an item with so many color, brand, and price options that your head could spin.  But, we'll make it easy to find the perfect fit (pun intended) for your brand.  We're also happy to help with imprint design, too.  Call or email for prices.





Return Me No-Touch Tool

The ReturnMe No-Touch Tool is like none other you've seen before. It's built with touchscreen-enabled buttons with anti-bacterial properties.  And it offers all the great benefits of a no-touch tool, like helping to open/close doors, flush toilets, use at the ATM, & more. But this tool also offers a lifetime ReturnMe Lost & Found service with free return shipping for the first year.  A double-sided marketing card, that explains everything in detail, is included.



Remember, when you're trying to decide what swag is best for your brand and your event, we're always here and ready to help you find the perfect fit!