Charity Fundraiser

May 18

The organizer of a charity fundraiser wanted to add an element of fun and excitement to their door prize giveaways. As each guest arrived, they were given a Mardi Gras Jubilee pen and instructions to ...

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3 Things Every Busy Professional Needs

May 04

If there’s one thing we never have enough of, it’s time. We haven’t quite figured out a way to freeze time yet, but we have found ways to save it. If you’re a busy professional...

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11 Promo Products for an Active Lifestyle

Apr 20

Take your corporate match to the next level! From team building sporting events to company-wide marathons, your customized products guarantee you beat the competition. Below is a list of 11 sports-mi...

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Boost Branding

Apr 05

A local insurance agent wanted a way to connect with her customers and capture new leads with a useful promotional item that would also boost her personal branding and promote her services all year ro...

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6 Things You Need on Your Desk

Mar 22

Most of us spend as much time at our desks as we do in our homes. If that’s the case, we should all put some time and effort into making sure our workspace is as happy and motivating as possible...

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Celebrate Milestones

Mar 08

A bank wanted to promote 110 years of serving individuals and businesses in Pennsylvania through an "Open House" celebration at their branches. Among the many products selected to commemorate this mil...

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Fall, and the Holidays They Bring!

Oct 23, 2017

  This October Quality Promotions celebrates 21 years of business!   These awesome pictures are (at left) when Kyle & I started this thing up in 1996, followed by (at right) a quic...

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Summertime Is Here

Jun 14, 2017

Happy summer, everyone! I hope it's been a good one, so far.  We're in full summer mode around here, providing and producing all the fun and functional summertime favorites.  And I absolutel...

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There's a First Time for Everything!

Feb 03, 2017

Hey Everyone!  This is it.  My first blog. . .ever!   Every week or so, I’ll have something fun and informative to share about the world of promotional products. Whether that...

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